Why Blood Oxygen Sensor Apple Watch Band?

oxygen sensor apple watch

Why Blood Oxygen Sensor Apple Watch Band? Apple recently stopped the sales of its new Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models in the US due to a patent dispute involving the watch’s blood oxygen sensor. The US Customs agency has now decided whether Apple’s proposed redesign of the watches is enough to avoid infringing on two Masimo patents related to the sensor. Although a federal court is still reviewing the case, it seems that Apple is preparing to move forward by dropping the feature entirely, before a final decision is made.

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple has begun shipping watches that lack a particular feature. It seems that the change is in the software rather than the hardware, which means that the sensor is still present but not functioning. The US Customs and Border Protection have concluded that the new watch is not subject to the import ban, so they are ready to be sold.

Bloomberg also reported these new watches have been sent to Apple stores, but the stores have been instructed not to open or sell them until receiving further word. It seems the company is simply preparing to have the new version of the watch ready if an appeal fails. It is anticipated that a verdict regarding the appeal will be announced this week and if the ban is upheld, it could be for up to a year.


Apple is reportedly developing a software update to avoid a ban, but for now, disabling the feature seems to be the easiest solution. Today is the deadline for parties to submit their support of or opposition to the ruling with the court. Following this, the US appeals court will decide whether to stay the Apple Watch ban during the entire appeal of the initial ITC ruling. The ITC has already expressed its opposition to Apple’s request.

Because the ban only applied to the import of the watches, it’s possible that current watches are just fine and will never be affected. But, it’s also possible that Apple could decide to remove the feature from all watches to avoid legal complications. so it’s worth checking the notes on any upcoming Apple update if you utilize this feature.

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