Tesla Leaked Model Y Refresh won’t be Released in North America in 2024

Tesla Juniper

Tesla Leaked Model Y Refresh won’t be Released in North America in 2024

A facelift for the Tesla Model Y, the world’s best-selling new car The Tesla Company was previously reported to begin production of a refreshed version of the Model Y in October 2024, internally codenamed “Juniper”. But Tesla has yet to confirm plans for a facelifted Model Y. News of its existence and development has been revealed by reputed media outlets Bloomberg and Reuters. Hence, the company has confirmed that a refresh of the Model Y will not happen and that a refreshed SUV will not be launched in North America until 2024.

The report also states that Tesla is preparing its Shanghai factory to begin production of a refreshed Model Y in mid-2024. More significant changes are being introduced compared to the recent October update, including a new wheel design and ambient lighting. Although some predict a Model Y refresh in the coming years. But it may not be until the first or second quarter of 2025, or even for other markets.

Project Juniper is being Unveiled in a New Way

New photographs of the updated 2024 Tesla Model Y reveal several visual updates similar to those found on the refreshed Model 3. The most noticeable changes are slimmer headlights and restyled tail lights Additionally, the classic Tesla logo on the back of the car has been replaced with a sleeker wordmark, giving the car a more trendy look. After launching its Model 3 Highland refresh, Tesla is preparing a facelift of its bestselling Model Y dubbed Project Juniper. The Model Y Juniper refresh is slated for release in the summer.

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