Tesla Pi VS Samsung S23 Ultra 2023: Full Review, Price, Release Date

Tesla Pi VS Samsung S23 Ultra 2023: Full Review, Price, Release Date …. Tesla is rapidly entering the smartphone market; at some moment in April 2023, the renowned firm will introduce its Phone Pi product. Therefore, there is still a ton of time for us to learn a great deal about the next device’s capabilities. At this time, there isn’t much known about the future Tesla Phone Pi’s hardware specifications.

However, there is a ton of information available online that is more or less trustworthy, and we may use it to compare the gadget with other phones. Tesla is likely to introduce a flagship device with the potent Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 microprocessor, up to 12GB of RAM, and other advanced features. The lads from the “Spec World” YouTube channel matched the S23 Ultra version against what the Tesla Mobile Pi is anticipated to be like because, on the other hand, the Galaxy S23 is unquestionably the best smartphone lineup issued by Samsung!

Tesla Pi Vs Samsung S22 Ultra

Tesla Pi VS Samsung S23 Ultra 2024

While the two devices’ screens are almost identical (Super AMOLED as well as Curved AMOLED), Tesla’s phone outperforms Samsung’s in terms of refresh rate, coming in at 144Hz as opposed to 120Hz. In comparison to its rival, this same Samsung S23 Ultra offers a greater resolution.

This same Snapdragon 898 5G motherboard chipset, which is identical to the one found on the S23 Ultra, is anticipated to be used in Tesla’s phone’s chipset. In contrast to Samsung’s chipset, which is only capable of 2.9GHz, the Tesla Phone Pi’s processor is anticipated to pack 3.2GHz. This gives it a slight advantage.

The Tesla phone triumphs in the rear camera battle thanks to its 108MP primary wide camera, 50MP Periscope, 50MP ultra-wide camera, and 5MP macro camera. The Periscope, telephoto, as well as ultra-wide cameras on the Samsung flagship, is only 12MP each, although the main wide camera features the same amount of megapixels.

The Tesla phone is inferior to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for filming videos:

Because it can capture video in 8K resolution and at a frame rate of 24 frames per second, the trusty Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comfortably wins in the video recording department. However, its rival can only capture video at a frame rate of 60 frames per second and in 4K quality. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys making a lot of video recordings, you might wish to take this characteristic into consideration.

This Tesla Phone Pi gadget takes first place in this category when it refers to selfie cameras. While Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra only has a front-facing camera with a resolution of 40MP (f/2.2) on board; the future phone is expected to have a 48MP (f/2.2) camera. A powerful phone like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra but rather Tesla Phone Pi is undoubtedly handy in a world in which more and more people are entering the logging industry.

Both the Tesla Phone Pi as well as Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has IP68 waterproofing, which is a crucial feature these days when we use our phones everywhere. This indicates that using either of the two flagships while strolling through the rain will often keep you dry.

Tesla Pi VS Samsung S23 Ultra in 2924. A modern feature that is also included in both flagship smartphones is an under-display fingerprint scanner. The presentation video ups above draw the conclusion that perhaps the Tesla Phone Pi is superior to Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s challenging to find a more convincing comparison when the outcome is dependent on 32 variables, which we must acknowledge. Just let’s hope the information we already have about the Tesla Phone Pi’s specifications is accurate. When Tesla releases its flagship phone in April 2023, we’ll be able to say with certainty!

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