New (2024) Tesla Pi Wireless Charger Pricing & Full Specs

Tesla is one of several solar panel producers. Therefore, it wouldn’t be illogical to think that the company will incorporate solar charging in the upcoming phone. However, we don’t see this happening to the real phone body. There may be solar-powered phone covers with the Tesla logo available. The Tesla Pi Phone would also require solar charging methods.

The stainless-steel whistle, the umbrella with its insignia etched on it, and the all-electric kid’s vehicle with a cyber track pattern are just a few instances of the unique but nevertheless on-brand products Tesla has previously launched.

Tesla Pi Wireless Charger

Expected Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Features

  • Solar charging: Tesla makes automobiles and solar panels, so this notion is not absurd. Even while it’s unlikely that the phone would run totally on sunshine, it may have a Tesla-branded shell that enables some solar charging.
  • Satellite Internet: Tesla and SpaceX collaborate closely on projects, including the space-based broadband provider Starlink (Elon Musk is the CEO of both). The Mars colonization initiative, which has been a commercial goal from the start, may benefit from sales of the Tesla phone. They would need to find out a way to make such a little device offer first-rate service in addition to concealing the satellite phones’ enormous antenna. Anywhere a Starlink base is now located, such as within a building, or, should it ever occur, inside a Tesla automobile outfitted with the proper antenna, would function, according to one scenario.
  • Vehicle control: Utilizing the smartphone app, users can already call the Tesla, lock and unlock the vehicle, and control media playback. Additionally, it’s feasible that the software might restrict the choices Tesla phone users have.
  • Crypto mining: According to another rumor, it will engage in Bitcoin mining. Since Musk has already discussed cryptocurrency, it seems to reason that he would want to include this function on a phone. It would need a significant investment in hardware to make this work.
  • Astrophotography: Modern smartphones already employ artificial intelligence (AI) and high-end cameras to capture images of the night sky.
  • Display, Storage & Other Features: Anyone who wants to draw conclusions about this phone must do it on the basis of guesswork because there are no trustworthy sources from which to do so. So, it’s hard to imagine what the interior of this phone might look like. The required elements would be present, including 1-2 TB of storage, 16 GB or more RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen of around 6.5 inches.

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Tesla Pi Wireless Charger Release Date 

Elon Musk is likely to unveil the Tesla Model Pi before the end of 2021. However, such an update is not currently available. The Tesla Model Pi is expected to go on sale in 2024, according to the most recent sources. We estimate that the first such gadget won’t be manufactured until at least 2025.

Tesla Pi Wireless Charger
Tesla Pi Wireless Charger

Tesla Pi Wireless Charger Price

Getting this equipment will be quite expensive. According to reports, the Tesla Phone Pi will cost $1200.

Country Price
Tesla Phone Price in USA 2024 $800 – $1200
Tesla Phone Price in Canada 2024 CAN$1,088
Tesla Phone Price in UK 2024 £849
Tesla Phone Price in France 2024 Euro720
Tesla Phone Price in Australia 2024 AUD1,120 Australian Dollar
Tesla Phone Price in Germany 2024 Euro720
Tesla Phone Price in India 2024 ₹69,999

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