Used Tesla for Sale 2024: Used Tesla for Sale Shares Trading

We have list new and used Tesla for sale including cars being sold by Tesla in 2024, and used Tesla cars from a variety of sellers in USA. We provide a number of filters including seller type, new/used, model, price, year plus you can add key words you wish the results to be check by. We also show Tesla cars if you supply the Tesla option codes. Each Tesla car is shown in more detail with a number of market chargts and a detailed price history. We believe it is the most comprehensive resource for locating your next Tesla car anywhere in the world.

Used Tesla for Sale 2024

used tesla for sale
used tesla for sale

Tesla buyers who waited months for their new Tesla car have had an unusual choice for much of the past two years: keep the new electric vehicle, or sell it at a profit to someone with less patience.

But the days of the Tesla flip are numbered – a potential threat to new car prices that are already getting cut.

Now fuel prices are easing, interest rates are rising, Tesla car output is increasing, and EV competition is growing, leading used Tesla prices to fall faster than the market, and creating a cascading effect on prices of new Tesla’s.

Nearly a third of used Tesla for sale in August were 2023 models up for resale, a sign that original buyers were aiming to flip, analysts said. That compares with about 5% of other brands on the used market, research firm Edmunds said.

Used Tesla for Sale Shares Trading

Used Tesla for sale – shares fell 7.3% to a more than two-year low of $114.12 in early trading on Tuesday. They are down more than 65% this year.

Tesla EVs such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 are coming to market with a lot of buzz, said Liz Najman, content marketing manager at EV researcher Recurrent.

Software engineer Greg Profits bought a new Model Y last year for $49,000 and sold it three months later for $12,000 more. He ordered a new one – but has just bought a used Tesla at a discount.

“The economy kind of scares me to buy new ” he said, adding that the new $7,500 discount would be too little to sustain demand.

2024 Tesla Model Y Standard Range

2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range
2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range


Comfort Air Conditioning
Front Seat Heaters
Leatherette Seats
Rear Seat Heaters


Bluetooth Technology
Rear View Camera
Smart Key


Overhead Airbags
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Seat(s)
Power Windows
Side Airbags

Exterior And Mechanical

ABS Brakes
Alloy Wheels
Daytime Running Lights
Power Hatch/Deck Lid
Rear Defroster


Automatic Transmission

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