Unveiling the 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover

Welcome to our post about 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover: Price, Range, Release Date & Full Specs! The third product from this new Sino-Swedish company will be the 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover. It will debut in 2023 as an all-electric SUV focusing on style, performance, and luxury.

2024 Polestar 3 EV Release Date

The company states that the global debut will happen in October 2023. Not long after this, the 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover release date in the US should be revealed; manufacture is expected to start in early 2024 on US soil.

2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover Price

The 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover will cost between €75,000 and €110,000 (about $76,000 and $111,000 MSRP) in 2024. Although the precise price in the USA is still unknown, the pricing range offers us an idea of competitors to compare it to.

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The starting price of the 2023 BMW iX is $84,100, while that of the 2024 Audi e-tron is $70,800. The BMW iX M60, which costs $105,100 and has more than 600 horsepower, is another option for the Polestar to consider. Polestar expects that by releasing the 3 SUVs later than these rivals, it would have an advantage.

2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover
2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover

2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover Exterior

Short views of the Polestar 3’s exterior have been released, and from what we have seen so far, it is rather beautiful. The Polestar 3 boasts appealing wheels, flush-fitting door handles, a rear spoiler that is positioned high, and a beltline that rises towards the C-pillar.

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While not quite as expressive as the Polestar 2, the headlights look to have the Thor’s Hammer lighting signature. The manufacturer-released video shows a solid light bar that spans the vehicle’s width and curves into the taillight clusters in a C-shape. The taillights protrude slightly from the bodywork. The new Polestar 3 SUV has the usual sloping roofline of a contemporary crossover.

The 2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover won’t be offered in specific colours yet, although Polestar tries to steer clear of garish hues. For instance, the two sedans are shown in shades of grey, white, and black, and press photographs of the three also keep to these colour schemes.

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2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover Dimensions

The Polestar 3 will share the SPA2 (Scalable Product Architecture) chassis with Volvo’s future flagship SUV. The Polestar 3 will share its underpinnings with the electric replacement for the Volvo XC90; thus, even if its proportions remain unknown, it is anticipated to be a midsize SUV. Its dimensions of length, breadth, and height should be comparable.

For comparison, the dimensions of the contemporary XC90 are approximately 195 inches long, 84.3 inches wide, and 69.9 inches tall. Nevertheless, Polestar has referred to the 2024 3 SUV as a large luxury EV, so it may be even bigger and heavier than these statistics indicate. Volvo’s XC90 Recharge tops the scales at about 5,100 lbs, while the dual-motor Polestar 2 car weighs 4,650 lbs. We anticipate the Polestar 3 to be much heavier than the latter.

2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover
2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover

2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover Engine & Performance

Although the Polestar 3 will be propelled by two electric motors, the outputs and 0-60 timings remain unclear. All-wheel drive is probably standard with two engines. We anticipate the Polestar 3 to be at least as powerful as the dual-motor Polestar 2, which produces over 400 horsepower.

With this SUV, Polestar confirmed a focus on performance and elevating sports aspects, so anticipate remarkable specifications. As further information regarding the Polestar 3 becomes available, we’ll update this article to reflect that there may also be a single-motor variant.

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2024 Polestar 3 EV Crossover Range, Charging, And Battery Life

At this point, details on battery packs and charging timeframes are kept under wraps. But we do have some idea of what to anticipate from the range. Based on the WLTP cycle, Polestar’s goal is a target range of 600 km (about 373 miles). We must still wait for US-specific MPGe and range figures to be released, but whenever they are, we anticipate the Polestar 3 EV to have a range closer to 300 miles.

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