Google pixel 7 Released Date and price 2023

Google pixel 7 price and Released date 2023:Every year, mobile phones company published his latest phone. This year has been published to world famous branded phones this name is google pixel 7. Already this smart phones have released to many websites. the mobile had the latest and upgraded technology that’s people knows any more. So, the more information of the mobile in the below. The new models and version of the mobile phones are one of the google 7. There are many company have marketplace are available so, google company want that give their best smartphone. Mobile pixel 7 is one it.

Google pixel 7 Released  and price date: As for the price, it might be similar to the… That’s the same launch price as we saw for the google 7 as well, so pixel 7 might opt for this years in a row, though the price could also rise slightly. Google always surprises its users with various and latest smartphone. whether it is the best mobile in smartphone. This will be pixel 7 has delayed an update for any of its devices.

The company typically releases an updated version of google pixel 7 every fall. The release date was pushed back to September because some older models will not receive the update. However, there are rumors that the google pixel 7 release date will be even earlier. But, the google pixel 7 release date is set for January 24. Here are some things to look out for. Once the new is available, you’ll be able to buy the latest google pixel 7 on your mobile.

Full specification:

Display: 6.7 inches oled (3120×1440) 120hz

Ram: 12 gb.

Storage: 128gb, 256gb, 512gb.

Battery: 5000mah.

Camera: 50mp main, 12mp ultra wide, 48mp telephoto and front camera 10mp.

Weight: 7.5 ounces.

Chip: tensor g2 tensor with titan m2

Pixel 7 battery and camera: already We have hearing about the cameras, four cameras in this smart phones. including that the google pixel 7. This phones have 50 mega pixel camera. We’ve also more know battery 5000 mgh. So, this seems very likely.

Google pixel 7 Ram and Rom: The new is paired with 8GB RAM on the regular variant and 12GB RAM on the Pro model. The Pixel 7 gets up to 256GB of storage, while the Pixel 7 Pro also comes in a higher-end 512GB model. Both devices don’t offer expandable storage support.

Google pixel 7 display: The smartphone offers much of the same display experience as the Pixel 6. As explored earlier, it’s a tad smaller at 6.3 inches diagonally rather than 6.4. Unless you hold the two phones side-by-side, you might not notice that difference at all. What irks me is that while the bezels got smaller on the sides and at the top, the bottom bezels haven’t changed, making it appear even bigger as a result. This happens at a time when other Android manufacturers are finally figuring out how to add evenly sized bezels surrounding all sides of the screen.

google pixel 7
google pixel

The Pixel 7 screen offers the same 1080×2400 FHD+ resolution as its predecessor and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. That’s right, Google still doesn’t offer 120Hz on its mid-tier offering, reserving the high refresh rate for its Pro model. It’s a bummer, as many manufacturers are moving to offer 120Hz across their flagship lineups, like. A lot of international brands even include the technology with their best value budget smartphone in this year.

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