Sell Products Online – Start Shopify Website

How to start? – Do you want to sell products online? To sell products you need online store website or product website. Now how do you create a product store? Or make a product website with Shopify and sell your product. We will know the details about this topic and also know how to create a Shopify website.

Whether the domain name

If you want to create a Shopify website, you first need to choose a domain name.

Shopify Hosting

After that you have to give us the login details and login details of the domain with the subscription of Shopify and then you will change a theme choice from Themeforest. Then provide us with a demo design and we will setup the design on your Shopify website. After that if you want to customize any section then we will do that customization.

Sell Products Online - Start Shopify Website
Our website is Info tech specs Sell Products Online – Start Shopify Website

Choosing a Shopify Theme – Sell products online

After the theme is set up, I will integrate the payment method. Along with this, if you have to set up Shopify apps and enable various services, we will help you with marketing tools for Shopify website marketing.

Your site pages:

All the pages you need on your web site. For example – Creating Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us, and Contact Us pages, and adding its information, and adding your address or your business address and contact details.

Menu for the site

I will add any type of menu or mega menu and single item in the menu on your Shopify website.

Theme customization

If you want to change anything in the theme I will make those changes. If you want to sell in a specific country or a specific location, I will setup a domestic location or zone, and enable payment transactions in a specific currency. By doing this only people of your specific location will be able to shop from your website. World Wide Service may be temporarily suspended in other countries.

Campaigns and Promotions

Sell Products Online
Sell Products Online
Campaigns and Promotions
Campaigns and Promotions

Then from admin panel how you can control ad campaign and create ad campaign. I will manage everything. Also from the admin panel you can sell products with coupon code or promo code or discount for a certain period or discount according to a certain percentage. You can even add a discount code percentage commission on a specific product, and set up other discounts for other products.

Sell Products Online -Tracking visitors and customers

When a visitor comes to your website and adds one of your products to the card, and leaves your website without checkout or payment. By collecting the email of such customers, you can email such customers who liked your product from the admin of Shopify. But in case he is unable to buy for some reason, you can bring back all these customers by email and increase your product sales.

Ad chatting

If you want to add any kind of live chatting app or WhatsApp or messenger to your website, we will add it through API.

Multi language support

Multiple language support or multi-lingual website? no worries We will make your Shopify website as a multi-lingual website. Then you want to take payments in multiple currencies? Do you sell products world wide? In that case, you can provide the service of your website as multi-currency support, and I will setup all these facilities.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Indexing

After you create the Shopify website, we will generate the sitemap from the website and submit it to the search console for indexing in various search engines. Then I will make your website pages and products SEO friendly. Different keywords and meta descriptions can be set by us as per your wish. I will submit to the search engine with specific keywords so that you can find specific pages on your website with that keyword in the search engine. In one word, I will make it as a total SEO friendly website.

Re-mailing and Pre-Order

Setup mail campaign from Shopify admin panel to re-email your previous customers. Due to which you can do various promotions to your previous customers, and give them specific discounts. Also, to get pre-orders on any upcoming products or products that will be available to you after a few days, we will set all those products as pre-orders on your website. So that the dispatch date will show on the day the product is available. And the customer will be notified on the day of dispatch. Pre-order service will help you a lot to increase sales.
And more other services.

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