How to Make Money from Micro Niche Blog?

Micro niche blog: Blogging can earn huge amount of money. You have no doubt about it. So nowadays many newbies are constantly joining this blogging sector.

And many people are dreaming of earning money from this Sadh’s blog. But the easiest way to turn this dream into reality is micro niche blogging. If you want to involve yourself in this blogging sector on a small scale.

Then Micro Niche Blogging will be the easiest way for you.

Honestly, if we compare a micro niche blog with an authority blog. So those who want to join the blogging sector with the hope of new or regular income.

They should start their blogging career with this micro niche blogging The main reason is that compared to other blogs.

Micro niche is relatively easy to work with and requires less effort than an author blog.

And many people are able to earn income by adopting this method. So why do you lag behind them?

What is micro niche blog?

Before creating a blog, the first thing to focus on is the Blogging Niche. That is, you will create a blog depending on the topic. That topic is called NICE.

What is micro niche blog
What is micro niche blog

But the question is, “We all understand NIS, but what is Micro NIS”?

So listen, if we were to contextualize this, I would say, “When you work on a blog about a specific topic. Then that blog will be called, Micro Nice Blog”.

For example, suppose you started blogging and thought you wanted to create a blog on “Freelancing”.

So now you can notice some things. First of all, there will be a lot of competition in this niche. Secondly, if you want to create a blog with complete freelancing. Then you need to create an authority blog.

But without going into so much trouble, if you just create a blog on a specific topic of Freelancing. Then your work will be much easier.

For example, if we break down freelancing into a few smaller parts. Then many more topics will come in front of you. For example, Graphic Design, Web Design etc.

Now if you create a blog on such a small topic. Then you don’t have to worry much.

Besides this, you can easily earn from such a blog.

So when you create a blog on such a small topic. And earn from that blog. Then that blog will be called, micro niche blog.

Why make a micro niche blog?

If you have no idea about blogging. But you will want to earn from blogging. Then you should start your journey with this micro niche blogging.

Because if you give importance to micro niche compared to other blogging. Then you can generate income with relatively less effort and speed.

See, we who join the new blogging sector. They have no idea about this sector. As a result, two types of BPOs come in front of you. First of all, you will make a mistake in nice selection.

Why make a micro niche blog
Why make a micro niche blog

And secondly, you’ll be heading straight to an authority niche blog.

Now due to these two mistakes, you will stumble in blogging at some point. And when you fail to improve yourself compared to others. Then you need to get out of this dream blogging sector.

But if you push this failure away and start blogging in a small micro niche. Then your success rate will increase in many parts.

Because, when you blog with Micro Niche. Then you don’t have to put in so much effort. As such, you don’t have to think about content like an authority site.

Also if you have very little knowledge about SEO. Even then you can rank your blog in relatively less time.

So after considering all this, maybe you have understood, “Why you should create a micro niche blog”. And if you don’t understand, then try to re-understand the points discussed above.

So that it is convenient for you to understand the subsequent discussions.

How much money is earned from micro niche blogs?

Since your main focus is to earn from the blog. How much income can you earn from Micro Niche Blog? I think a clear idea should be given about that.

Look, if you imagine a nice. But a niche is composed of many keywords. And the CPC rates of those keywords are different.

How much money is earned from micro niche blogs
How much money is earned from micro niche blogs

[💡PRO TIPS: See the full meaning of CPC, Cost Per Click. That is, the amount of income you can earn on a specific click on a keyword. Basically it is called, CPC (CPC)]

And the CPC rate of each keyword is different. For example,

If the CPC rate of a keyword is 1$ then the CPC rate of a keyword will be 2$.

Now when you create blog on micronise. Then the CPC rate of your keyword is higher. You can create a blog directly on those keywords.

As a result, you no longer have to look at income. Because you have already created a complete blog with High Cpc Keyword

High CPC Keyword List for Google Adsense

And if your blog has low number of visitors. Even then you can earn that amount. The amount CPC will be determined on that keyword.

Now if you compare this amount of income with an Authority Website. Then you will get a clear idea about a subject. That is, it is possible to earn more with less effort in Micro Niche.

How to make a micro niche blog?

Let’s talk a lot about income. Now you need to know how to create a micro niche blog.

How to make a micro niche blog
How to make a micro niche blog

[⚠️WARNING: Remember, if you focus only on income without having a full understanding of micro niches. Then here too you have to take a big hit. So try to read the following discussions carefully]

So when you try to blog with a micro niche. Then you have to pay enough attention to several things. Now let’s discuss about those issues step by step.

#01- Research niche and keywords

No matter what you do in the blogging sector. You should give most importance to niche and keyword selection. Because, what will you blog about?

Target any type of audience. Almost 100% of it will depend on your keywords and niche research. And if you are willing to work in Micro Nis.

Bridge You cannot skip this step in any way. See, if you create an authority blog. Then you should spend most of your time on content making and SEO.

But to work in Micro Niche you need to spend most of your time in the initial stage. Because in micro niche you don’t create a blog based on a full niche. Instead, create a blog based on a specific keyword.

So first of all you have to select a specific niche. That is, what topic you will blog about. You have to select it beforehand through sufficient research.

[💡NOTE: To get a complete idea about NICE, here is what NICE is and how to choose NICE. This has already been discussed in detail on my website. So, in the beginning of micro blogging, you must have a good idea about Nis. ]

When your NICE selection is done. Then consider yourself one step ahead in creating micro niche blog. So now you need to identify those niche related keywords.

So you need to do a lot of research in this keyword selection. Because you are going to create a blog based on specific keywords.

For example, Online Income is a big niche. Now you need to divide this large nis more finely. That’s why there are other keywords related to online income. You have to pick any one of those keywords.

For example, if you look at relative keywords of online income. Then several keywords will appear in front of you.

For example, “Online income site”, “Online income from mobile”, “online income bd” etc.

[💡PRO TIPS: When you select keywords. Then pay enough attention to three things. Namely: 1/ Keyword Difficulty 2/ Keyword Search Volume and 3/ Keyword CPC]

What is keyword research? How to do keyword research?

Now the question may arise in your mind that, “Brother, I understand. But how do I do these things?

Micro niche blog
Micro niche blog

If you have such questions. Thank you very much then. Because there is an attempt to know something unknown in you.

So you can do these tasks through different tools. For example:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Other Paid or Free Tools.

Here first of all you need to find the focus keyword with the help of Google Keyword Planner.

After that, if you create a blog on that keyword, how much can you earn? Google Adwords must be used to get an idea about that.

Also you can check many free or paid tools online to research more about this. If you need, you can use those tools.

#2- Choosing Domain & Hosting

So when you can select your desired niche. Then your second step is to select Domain and Hosting And you have to give this step a lot of importance.

So now the question is, “What kind of domain should you buy”?

Keep in mind while buying the domain, the domain you buy should be keyword base. That is, your domain should contain keywords.

[⚠️WARNING: According to Google rules if your domain is full keyword base. Then your blog will be at risk of Google penalty]

Isn’t that strange! I am saying to put keywords in the domain. Again I am saying that Google will penalize your blog if there are keywords in the domain.

See if you do. But then you will always have the fear of Google penalty. But up

If you adopt some techniques. Then you don’t have to do this fear anymore.

[💡PRO TIPS: Suppose you want to create a micro blog on the keyword “Samsung Mobile”. This is when you buy a domain.

Then arrange that domain like this. eg, “Samsungmobilebd”.]

That is, add some other words along with keywords to your domain. Then there will be no more fear of Google penalty.

And there is an article published on my website about Google penalty. If you want to know about that. Then you can read from the link below.

What is the Google penalty? Why does Google give compensation?

#3- Content planning

When you have successfully completed the first step. Then you need to take the second step seriously. That step is content planning

You will see many SEO related blogs or websites. All of them will tell you one thing, “Content is king”.

And I have no disagreement with this statement. Because the blog you will create. People will not flock to that blog for no reason.

Visitors will come to your blog when they search for something on Google.

That’s why you need to do content planning like this. So that the visitors are not disappointed after coming to your blog. That is, what they want to know about.

A to Z (A to Z) can know about that from your blog content.

So when you plan content for your blog. Then you need to keep an eye on several things. Namely:

  • Content Quality
  • Content Quantity
  • Content Word

First of all you need to focus on the quality of the content. Remember that the content published on your blog should not be limited to content in any way.

Rather, visitors can learn something from there They can learn about unknown things. You have to take care of that aspect very seriously.

Next you need to decide how much content you will publish on your blog. Yes it is a very important thing.

See, it’s impossible to say exactly how much content you should actually publish. This will depend entirely on what kind of keywords you will be working with.

But yes no matter what keywords you target the blog. That’s how you create micro niche blogs. So you need to write content about all the details related to that micro niche.

For example, if you select SAMSUNG Mobile as the NICE. Then you have everything from Samsung. Articles should be published about everything. So that no topic about Samsung is left out.

The next thing that will come is Content Word. That is, as soon as you create a micro niche blog site. Also you need to estimate in advance how much total word content you will actually publish.

Now how much total word content you need to publish. It totally depends on which niche and which keywords you actually target.

Because there are so many micro niches. If you work with them, it is enough to publish a total of 30K Word articles.

There are also some niches that require publishing articles with more words than this.

#4- Doing SEO Optimization

In the fourth step you need to work on SEO. That is, the audience you are blogging for. Optimizing your blog to reach that audience is very important.

So when you publish all the content on your blog according to your content planning. Then you have to check the position of those contents.

What is SEO? How to learn SEO?

But we all prefer Google more than other search engines. That’s why you need to go to Google first. Next you need to search for your focus keywords.

SEO Optimization
SEO Optimization

Now you need to see if your published content is showing up in Google search results. And if it shows, how many pages your content is located in which position.

So often new blogs are created. That blog position is far behind.

Instead of looking at that, you should do things for SEO optimization. Those works must be continued.

For example, on-page SEO and off-page SEO should be given a lot of time. But here’s a bonus tip. That is, when you do off page SEO. Then give enough importance to backlinks.

And those who are your competitors, try to get backlinks from their blogs.

[💡NOTE: You should know about backlinks. That has already been discussed in detail on my website. If you want to get a complete idea about backlinks. So click here to know what is backlink and why to backlink]

#5- Monetizing the blog

The last step in creating a micro niche blog is to turn on monetization. Through which you can basically earn from your Micro Niche Blog.

But the question is, “When and how to monetize your blog”?

So those who are brand new, they start running towards monetization rather than running towards blog content and SEO. But they never think that if the blog has no visitors.

So what will be the profit of monetizing the blog?

So you try to make mistakes like them don’t do First, make your blog visitor-friendly.

Then when you get a fair amount of visitors to your blog. That’s when you monetize that blog.

But yes, as long as you stay involved with the blogging sector. Until then just keep one thing in mind. That is if you have visitors in this sector you can earn in many ways.

But if your blog has no visitors. Then your dream of income will be washed away.

How much money does it cost to make a micro niche blog?

cost to make a micro niche blog
cost to make a micro niche blog

As soon as you know everything. There is one more thing you should know. That is, “How much money does it cost to create a micro niche blog”?

So if you discuss the answer of this question in detail, it will help you to understand.

See, first you need to know where to spend to create a micro niche blog. So from my point of view you have to spend in 3 steps.

  • Domain & Hosting
  • Content
  • SEO optimization

So initially everyone has to buy domain and hosting. Now there are two steps to optimize Content and SEO. If you have personal experience about these jobs. Then you don’t have to spend anything.

For example, you can write content yourself on the Micro Niche Blog you create. Then the cost of a content writer. You don’t have to spend anything there.

The same is true if you do your own SEO optimization. Even then you don’t have to spend anything.

But if you want to do these tasks through others. But then you have to pay a lot of money.
What kind of niche do you work with?

Here are some bonus tips for you. So far you have learned a lot about the Micro Nice Blog. Maybe you have already decided that you will work with micro niche blogs if you are blogging.

Right at this time a big problem will come in front of you. The problem is, “What kind of niche to create a blog?”

But this problem is not only yours but every new bloggers face this problem. But there are some simple solutions to this problem. You can also follow these tips if you want.

So when you make a niche selection to create a Micro Niche Blog. Then pay attention to three things in total.

  • Low competition
  • High Search Volume
  • High CPC Rate

If you take care of these three things in nice selection. So hopefully you can detect your desired niche very easily.

Our last words

Last but not least. If you want to make a successful career by blogging. So how to increase visitors to your blog without focusing on income initially. Focus on that.

Because when you have an audience the size of Hughes. Then many ways of earning your income will be open. Be it micro niche blog or any other sector.

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