Official News Mercedes C63 AMG 2024 is Coming

Official News Mercedes C63 AMG 2024 Coming and Release Date, Performance! Mercedes / Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular Germany brand. Upcoming 2024 Mercedes C63 AMG Release Date, First Looks, Price & Official News. The Mercedes-AMG C63 was always a brash little bruiser with plenty of V8 power stuffed into the company’s small luxury platform. But because of how quickly things are changing, the C63 must also. Although the 2024 model introduces some significant alterations that may surprise some purists, its performance should appeal to all types of enthusiasts.

Mercedes-AMG C63 2024 S E Performance

The V8 engine is the most noticeable modification made to the 2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance, with a quite long nomenclature. A 2.0-liter inline-4 with an electronic turbocharger has been installed in its stead. When coupled to a two-speed electric engine on the back axle, it produces a net 680 hp and 752-pound feet of torque, a significant increase in power over the previous model’s 500-ish horsepower. Both gas engines and electric motors may drive all four wheels thanks to mechanical links. Here, there is sufficient motive power and grip to accelerate to 62 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

Official News Mercedes-AMG C63 2024 Horsepower

The 6.1-kilowatt-hour battery that powers the electric motor located at the rear axle provides an additional 204 horsepower. The battery’s range is a bit meager at about 8 miles among charges because it is designed to give tons of power. However, it is a truly cutting-edge battery that was developed in large part with the help of the hybrid experts who manage the Formula 1 team. Under severe braking, it can accept very impressive regeneration, consuming up to 100kW of power. There are 4 levels of regeneration available, including the typical one-pedal driving mode used in the majority of contemporary electrified vehicles.

Mercedes-AMG C63 loses Four Cylinders In 2024 But Adds a Hybrid Engine

Porky Pig once said, “That’s all, folks.” In 2024, the once-fire-breathing Mercedes-AMG C63 will switch from a V8 to a four-cylinder. The time has come even though this has long been anticipated. The good news is that, with the bad news out of way, the hybrid engine that will replace the hole should be able to produce enough power to compensate for the loss of four cylinders. The C63 S E Sport receives technology from Formula 1 to increase power, as well as rear-wheel steering as standard.

Mercedes C63 AMG 2024
Mercedes C63 AMG 2024

The powertrain is leading the way with significant updates to the C63. The internal combustion 2.0-liter I4 is longitudinally positioned in the chassis, features an electronic turbocharger, and powers a nine-speed gearbox. As difficult as it may be to imagine, this 2.0-liter engine produces an astounding 469 hp—or an absurd 235 hp per liter—without the aid of the hybrid system. This M139L engine, according to the Mercedes-AMG team, is a four-cylinder Mercedes engine with a “much larger” turbocharger.

Mercedes C63 AMG 400 Volt

Using an electric motor to preload the compressor decreases turbo lag and significantly reduces the boost threshold. This exhaust-gas turbo isn’t just a dull snail shell, however. More linear power delivery and internal control responsibilities over the car’s inputs should result from this. Mercedes chooses to use its 400-volt hybrid model to also supply the turbo because of the magnitude of the electric engine and the demands of the turbocharger.

The total output of this brand-new hybrid powertrain is 671 horsepower and a mind-blowing 752 lb-ft of torque. In other words, the C63 S E Performance’s already formidable internal combustion engine gains 201 horsepower from the hybrid system. A high-performance battery and an electric motor located at the rear make up the hybrid system. Before the power is sent to the back axle, the two-speed transmission receives input from the 201-hp electric motor.

Mercedes C63 AMG Reach 60 mph In 3.3 Seconds

This C63 can reach 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, equaling the acceleration of the Ferrari F458 Italia, thanks to the integration of the powerful electric motor and the gasoline engine. What’s more, it accelerates to 60 mph in 0.4 seconds less time than the Cloud computing based C63 S. The answer is an emphatic “yes” if you’re asking whether the AMG team will employ the hybrid power train to properly manage traction and wheel slip. The most traction-intensive wheels are powered by the hybrid system via the prop shaft in conjunction with the traction control systems. If necessary, the electric motor driving the rear wheels can also drive the front.

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With hybrids, there is adjustable energy recovery, as one would anticipate. The C63 S E Performance runs from level zero, which has no energy recovery and will freewheel like a typical internal-combustion car, to level three, or what the company refers to as one-pedal driving. Level one recuperation, a light level of recovery, is the default setting for the Race mode.

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