Lifted 4Runner: Budget, Planned and Tyre Size

Welcome, Who don’t know about Toyota brand? This is a magnetic question. Toyota latest model call 4Runner. Now we will discuss about Lifted 4Runner. I am going to lay out a few things to consider before lifting your Toyota 4runner to help you make the right choice.

Lifted 4Runner

I have a 2021 TRD OR and will share before and after heights so you can compare to your 2019.

New 4runner owner and first time poster, just bought a 2019 TRD Offroad a couple of weeks ago. It looks like it may a slight little bit of a lift or leveling kit but I don’t know how to tell for sure. I want want to change over wheels and add AT tires a little larger but trying to figure what size tire without having any rubbing issues. I’ve search the forum best I know how but haven’t found a good answer yet. It’s running 265/70/17 Bridgestone tires on factory wheels and I did measure from center of wheel to bottom of the wheel well and it measures out to 22 1/4.

lifted 4runner
lifted 4runner

Prior to installing Bilstein 5100 adjustable front shocks on the OEM coil springs, the measurement from center of wheel hub to fender lip on the front was 19 3/4″ on both driver and passenger sides. After installing the Bilstein 5100’s on the OEM coil springs @ a planned .85″ lift height (2nd ring), the measurement after a few weeks of driving is 21″ on both driver and passenger front sides. A little more lift than expected but not necessarily unusual. The measurement you shared of 22 1/4″ certainly seems like you have a lifted front suspension based on a comparison with mine. I doubt that the 2019 and 2021 have that much difference in OEM ride heights…

Also for reference, I installed Bilstein 5100’s on the rear keeping the OEM springs and saw no change in ride height. Both driver and passenger sides measured 22″ from center of hub to fender lip before and after.

I’ve attached a pic of the front Bilstein 5100’s installed on the 2nd clip location from the bottom using OEM coils. You should inspect the front shock/spring setup on your 4R and see if you can tell in the shocks/springs have been changed. Also look for spacers on top of the coil spring top hat as that is a common way to lift.

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