GMC Aion Hyper HT SUV 2024 Price In USA, Release Date

The GMC Aion Hyper HT SUV 2024 all-electric medium-to-large SUV, the third model under GAC Aion’s Hyper series after the Hyper GT and Hyper SSR. This is.

GMC Aion Hyper HT SUV 2024
GMC Aion Hyper HT SUV 2024

GMC Aion Hyper HT SUV 2024 Price in Bangladesh is BDT 3,488,000 (US$32,000)

Latest Update: 2024 GAC Hyper HT SUV will be launch in November 2023, around the price of $32,000.

GAC Aion, the pioneering force behind the Hyper SSR supercar and the Hyper GT sports sedan, is revving up the excitement with the unveiling of its latest electric marvel, the Hyper HT, a sleek coupe crossover destined to turn heads. Initially, there was a tantalizing whisper of Tesla influence, with the tantalizing possibility of gullwing doors akin to those of the Tesla Model X. Alas, the production version seems to have bid adieu to that whimsical notion, opting for a more conventional approach. Yet, let’s not dismiss the Hyper HT too quickly; it boasts its own unique charm that sets it apart from the pack.

GMC Aion’s Hyper brand announced the start of local pre-sales of the Hyper HT electric SUV at the Bangkok auto show on March 26, according to a press release yesterday.

The plant is located in Rayong province in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), with a planned investment of 2.3 billion baht. It has a design capacity of 50,000 units per year and will be built in two phases, with the first phase scheduled for completion in July 2024.

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