Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Price and Engine Details, Release Date

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 has been working with the best technology and luxury for decades. Iconic Italian auto maker has launched a new product called Ferrari 296 GTS in 2024 with its latest technology which is expected to be very powerful and popular. Ferrari’s new model for 2024 will rekindle the performance and style of the 296 GTs convertible. Ferrari Two Nine Six GTS This model is more amazing than other models of Ferrari . When the car is stationary, the dynamic feel is evident with the sharp writing of the 296 GTs and exude a sense of dynamic energy.

At the heart of the Ferrari 296 GTS lies a highly advanced hybrid powertrain. It combines a potent V6 internal combustion engine with an electric motor and delivering a combined output of over 800 horsepower. This electrified powertrain not only enhances acceleration but also reduces emissions. Ferrari has been working with the best technology and luxury for decadences with up to 3 products.

Check the most updated price of Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Price in USA and detail specifications and features and compare Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Prices and Derail Spa.

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Price and Release date Model:

Model Release Date price
Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Expected launch date is November 2023. $372,000 est.

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Colors:

  • Argento Nurburgring Metallic.
  • Blu Tour de France Metallic.
  • Canna di Fucile.
  • Giallo Modena.
  • Grigio Alloy Metallic.
  • Azzurro California, Bianco Avus.
  • Blu Abu Dhabi Metallic.
  • Blu Pozzi, Blu Scozia.
  • Avorio.

Engine Power:

  • Engine : Electric.( 3,olv6).
  • Power: 654HP (488Kw).
  • Torque: N/A(N/A).
  • Transmission: 8- speed automatic.
  • Drivetrain: RWD.
  • Torque: 232 Ib. ft.
  • ( 315 mm)

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Hybrid:

Battery type: N/A.

Energy: 7.4 KWh .

Voltage: N/A.

Charging times: 20v ; N/A.

240; 2.5 h.


Drivetrain Structure: N/A.


Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight
4,565mm (180’’) 1,958mm ( 77’’) 1,191mm (47’’) 2,600mm(102’’) 1,540kg(3,395 IB)

Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 Performance:

o-100km/h -2.9s ( manufacture).


Top-speed-330km/h ( 205 mph) (manufacturer).

Barking distance: 32m.


Base warranty: 3 years/ unlimited.

Powertrain warranty: 3 years/unlimited.


Passengers: 2.


Fuel tank:65L(14 gel).

Towing Capacities: not recommended.


Sunroof: standard.  Head-up display: standard.


Steering: rack and pinion. Electric assistance.

Front Suspension: independent, double wishbones.

Rear suspension: independent , multi-link.

Front brakes: Dise ( ABS).

Rear brakes: Dise ( ABS)>
Front tires: p245/35R20.

Rear brakes:p305/35R20.


  • Anti-lock braking: yes.
  • Brake assist: yes.
  • Central: yes.
  • Power Door locks: yes.
  • Scat belt winning: yes.
  • Rear cancra: yes.
  • Keyless Entry: yes.


  1. City: 14.7 L/100km.
  2. Autonomy: 503 km.
  3. Highway: 10.7 L/100 km.
  4. Electric: Autonomy i13km.
  5. Combined: 12.9L/100km.
  6. C02 emissions: 302g/km.

Vehicle type: Roadster

Category: Exotic, Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid, Luxury convertible.

Assembly: Maranllo, It.

Generation : 1.


Apple can play compatible : Optional.

Wireless phone changing: Standard.

For those looking to make the most of their 296, the GTS will also be offered with a hardcore Assetto Fiorina performance package, biting the asphalt with more aggressive Michelin PSC2 R tires, adjustable light weighting, and carbon trim. Canadian fans will also delight in the inclusion of adjustable dampers from MultiMate.

The Ferrari 296 GTS 2024 is not just another convertible super car. Ferrari’s relentless pursuit of Owning a Ferrari has always been a dream for many and with the 296 GTS. It’s striking design electrifying performance and cutting-edge technology.