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Apple Electric Car 2024 Release Date Pricing & Full Review

Hello, Apple has altered its original plan for an iCar, according to reports by Bloomberg, in order to focus more on autonomous capabilities without needing driver attention. Apple plans on releasing this Electric car by 2024 with pricing under $100,000 so as to compete against Tesla and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In this Apple Electric Car 2024: Release Date, Pricing & Full Review article, we are going to explore the potential release date, pricing, and exciting features of this much-awaited vehicle.

Apple Electric Car Release Date

Apple Electric Car 2024 release date has reportedly been delayed by at least a year, with Bloomberg reports citing plans by the company to aim for a price under $100,000 as part of an affordable alternative to BMW i7, Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan, Tesla Model S and Lucid Air Electric vehicles.

The anticipated Apple Electric Car will reportedly come equipped with various sensors, such as cameras, radar and LiDAR systems that will scan the road ahead and notify passengers about potential obstacles such as pedestrians or cyclists they might come across on the journey.

But Apple Electric Car won’t offer full self-driving capabilities (L5); it will still contain a steering wheel and pedals, according to reports. Furthermore, its look may also remain more traditional.

At first, it was believed that Apple Electric Car would resemble Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle with its pod-like design that allows passengers to face each other inside the cabin. However, this has since been abandoned in favor of more traditional car shapes.

Apple Car Price in USA 2025
Apple Car Price in USA 2025

Apple Electric Car Pricing

The wait is over, and Apple Electric Car is finally available for purchase at a reduced cost of under $100k, compared to its earlier projection of $120,000, following several years of speculation, setbacks, and strategic changes.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has changed their design in an attempt to target an entry-level price point similar to Tesla Model S and Mercedes-Benz EQS vehicles. Furthermore, Bloomberg indicates that this vehicle will be stylish yet practical.

As yet, it remains unknown the level of autonomy the Apple vehicle will offer; Bloomberg speculates it might offer “Level 3” autonomy. While not as advanced as what automakers have been working toward with Level 5 systems, this still marks a substantial advance for electric vehicles.

Ulrich Kranz will continue his design of Canoo; his vision for its appearance will likely change from pod-like vehicle to something more conventional with five seats and steering wheel.

Apple Car Price in USA 2025
Apple Car Price in USA 2025

Autonomous Driving

The Apple Electric Car 2024 features an autonomous driving system that utilizes lidar, radar and cameras for navigation. In case the self-driving feature malfunctions or an accident happens, a remote operator can intervene and assume control while being accountable for the situation.

Bloomberg reports indicate that Apple has scaled back its plans for creating a fully autonomous vehicle without steering wheel and pedals; they now plan on unveiling their car with self-driving capabilities only on highways in 2024.

As per Bloomberg insiders, Tesla is reducing the scale of Project Titan to prioritize launching an affordable electric car with steering wheel and pedals by 2024, priced below $100,000.

Apple has been conducting tests of autonomous vehicles on public roads in California using a fleet of Lexus SUVs outfitted with lidar, radar, and sensor equipment – these can run under California’s self-driving test framework.

Apple Electric Car 2024
Apple Electric Car 2024

Apple Electric Car Design

Apple Electric Car designs have not yet been finalized, but are expected to be completed and tested prior to a planned 2024 launch date. Their initial designs were inspired by Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle where passengers sat face-to-face; this concept has since been reduced.

Apple Electric Car’s key design feature will be that it will run on Apple-produced silicon, powering all artificial intelligence algorithms required for autonomous driving.

The car will also feature a large iPad-esque touch screen in its center that will enable users to interact with it, connecting seamlessly with existing devices and services provided by the company.


The upcoming Apple Electric Car is one of the most highly anticipated electric cars of the decade, and its launch in 2024 is generating significant buzz. Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the revelation of this visionary and futuristic vehicle, which is predicted to be a premium car with a price of approximately $100,000.

The Apple Electric Car is expected to have a range of innovative features, including advanced battery technology, autonomous driving, and augmented reality. Apple’s reputation for delivering exceptional and innovative products raises expectations that the Apple Electric Car will revolutionize the electric car market.

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