2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX: Price and Statements

At the 2025 Munich International Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced the ID.Life concept, a small SUV with an electric drivetrain. In VW’s global lineup beginning in 2025, the ID.Life teases a future production model which will sit below the ID.3 hatchback and ID.4 small crossover; it may even be introduced to North America. On the European WLTP cycle, a 57.0 kWh battery pack is claimed to provide up to 249 miles of driving range, while a 231-hp electric motor powers the front wheels.

The debut of the ID.Life concept during this year’s Munich auto show has brought Volkswagen’s ambitions for its next line of tiny EVs into sharper light. The idea is a brand-new vehicle that VW intends to introduce in Europe by 2025. It may also be imported to the United States as the entry-level ID electric SUV.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX Price
2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX Price

2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX

The ID.Life, which resembles a cross between a city car and a small SUV, has a 231-hp electric motor that propels the front wheels. According to estimates based on the European WLTP test, the battery pack can support up to 249 miles of driving per charge. The roof of the ID.Life concept car, which is made of air-filled pockets of a textile/plastic composition, can be taken off to enable open-top driving. Recycled plastic bottles are used to make the ID.Life’s roof and other interior components.

In addition, natural rubber, rice husks, or wood chips were used throughout.With options that enable both the front and second-row bench seats to convert into beds as well as a mode which maximizes cargo space, the interior itself is highly adjustable. Volkswagen adds the ID. Only when the idea is parked can Life’s cabin be transformed into a cozy space to enjoy a movie or play video games.

Volkswagen ID.Life GTX Pricing

Instead of using a more conventional entertainment display placed to the dashboard, a steering wheel with a hexagonal form features an integrated digital display screen where the driver may dock their smartphone. The ID.Life idea uses cameras and tiny displays in place of internal and exterior mirrors, but we anticipate that this futuristic feature won’t be included in the actual model. VW’s objective to boost its share of EV sales to 70% in Europe by 2030 depends on the production vehicle that the ID.Life concept car previews. This entry-level model should start at around $24,000 in Europe, and VW is expecting that it would draw in a new demographic of purchasers to the EV market.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX


“I think a car like that, tactically, it’s got some SUV-esque dimensions and the packaging, is something that we want to accomplish,” said Scott Keogh, president of Volkswagen of America. If you can’t reach a lower price point, you won’t be able to realize all of these fantasies of [up to] 70% of new automobiles becoming electric vehicles. Thus, I wouldn’t object. I would advise you to look at it. Your typical car in the United States does have a transaction price of roughly $32,000, according to Keogh. “I believe the greatest message that’s being missed with electrified right now is that,” he added. “Most EV announcements are $70,000 or $80,000, if you look at them all.”

While there is currently no intention to sell the production version of the ID, Volkswagen is aiming for at least 50% of all new VWs sold in the both America and China to be electrical by the same goal date of 2030. Many more electric models with comparable architecture are anticipated to arrive in the US soon, including the ID.Buzz minivan and the ID.8 crossover with three rows of seating.This information was pulled from a poll. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.


Small but roomy, with a long usable range of 248 miles, incorporated into a user-friendly design with brilliant concepts, using sustainable materials The ID. Life concept offers a glimpse of a bright future with inexpensive compact electric cars. We need far more concept automobiles like this, even if the majority of their features never make it into production. The ID. The design staff at Volkswagen is involved in considerably more than merely exercises. In many ways, this concept car is not amusing at all because it will determine how the company’s little automobiles will look in the future.