New 2025 Chevy Trax AWD: Reveals, Price & Full Specs

2025 Chevy Trax AWD 2

The 2025 Chevy Trax AWD is probably a new model prepared for the upcoming 2024. Since the previous 2023 model year is almost over. So, due to its huge popularity, it is planning to renew for 2025 with modern technology and attractive price offers. It is likely to be stronger and a significant design change compared to its predecessor. Although it is known as Chevy’s least-expensive crossover. But is well known for its versatile needs and sports.

Again, despite being subcompact, the Trax offers 25.6 cubic feet of cargo space. Fold down the rear seat for an additional 54 cubic feet of space. Also here is a four-inch touch screen. Apple carplay, wireless charging system, and automatic high beam come as standard with Android Auto. There are several models of the 2025 Chevrolet Trax. These will continue on the same trim level. Which are LS, 1RS, LT, 2RS, and Activ.

Depending on the model, you will find several differences between the colors and features of the cars. First up is the 1RS sports quality black and red body accents. Controlled by a flat-bottom steering wheel and standard remote. The LT model automatically controls hydraulics using a digital touchscreen display. The leather upholstery and 19-inch black wheels used on the later 2RS will captivate you. The latest Active model is available as a power driver set in black.

2025 Chevy Trax AWD Price and Release Date

Currently, the development of the upcoming 2025 Trucks AWD is underway. But probably they will be able to complete the work this year itself and it is likely to hit the market by next year i.e. 2024. According to an online news outlet, it will probably hit the market in the first half of 2024. However, buyers are currently quite concerned about its price as an official announcement has revealed that the price of the car will be reduced. However, the minimum base price is $22,000. Again the highest 2RS and Activ model can be up to $25000.

2025 Chevy Trax AWD Engine

As the car continues to improve. So the detailed information about it is not known properly till now. But reviewing its engine quality, the 2025 Chevy trax AWD uses a 1.2 liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine. From which 137 horsepower is produced. Works in conjunction with an automatic transmission. However, the performance and fuel efficiency of this powertrain is a concern. No, because it will impress you by balancing both sides.

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Interior Design Of 2025 Chevy Trax AWD

The interior of the 2025 Chevy Trax AWD will delight both passengers and drivers. The functional features and pleasant ambiance that its interior will provide you is truly unmatched. Here you will get the benefits of automatic climate control management, a touchscreen infotainment display, Android Auto, Apple Car Play, wireless charging method etc. for your journey.

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Also, the matter of cargo space in the interior is more fluent. Here you can carry a minimum of six bags for your safe and comfortable travel. You can take double advantage by folding (54 cubic feet) the rear seats.

Fuel Economy

Since the production process is not fully completed, it has not yet hit the test truck. However, based on its engine quality and transmission capabilities, the car is expected to deliver a full economy of 29 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. However, this is not accurate information.

2025 Chevy Trax AWD Safety & Entertainment Feature

The entire responsibility for the safety of drivers and passengers currently rests in the hands of engineers. That’s why the safety of 2025 Chevy Trucks AWD is given more priority. That’s why they use a lot of driver safety features and that’s standard. The most important of these are emergency braking management, lane keeping assistance etc. which automatically detect any accident.

Besides, there are benefits of adaptive cruise control, cross-traffic alert, and Blind Sport monitoring. 10 automatic airbags will be provided for safety in case of an accident. Seven-inch diagonal touchscreen display with a rear vision camera. For the infotainment system, another 11-inch touchscreen display will be available. Where you can use Apple Car Play, Android Auto, wireless charging methods etc.

  • emergency braking management,
  • lane keeping assistance,
  • adaptive cruise control,
  • cross-traffic alert,
  • Blind Sport Monitoring
  • rear vision camera
  • Apple Car Play, Android Auto,
  • wireless charging method
  • 10 automatic airbags

What are you Thinking About the 2025 Chevy Trax AWD?

What do you think after reading the entire article? Stay with us if you want to know more details about this. And we are telling you some questions and their answers.

2025 Chevy Trax AWD
2025 Chevy Trax AWD
Will the 2025 Chevy Trax Add AWD?

Earlier models were not equipped with an all-wheel drive system. There is a six-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel drive. There they return 28 mpg city and 32 mpg highway economy. However, it is expected that the all-wheel drive system will be added to the 2025 Chevy Trax model.

How good is front-wheel drive for snow?

Front-wheel drive vehicles put their full weight on the front wheels for handling in snow. As a result, the front tires get more traction. However, when taking the wheel, it cannot go at the same speed as all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

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