Sony PS VR2 2023: Price, Full Specification And Release Date

Sony PS VR2 2023: price, Full specification And Release Date! Quest 2 might have hand-tracking capabilities, but PSVR 2’s eye-tracking will enable Foveate dren daring and more expressive social avatars. Sony PS VR2 also looks like Sony’s new Headset has Quest 2 best eye resolution and field of view No with inside- out tracking, PS VR2 tracks you and your controller through integrated cameras embedded into the PS VR2 Headset. Your movements and the direction you look at are reflected in-game without the Need for an textual camera.

While Sony has confirmed PSVR2 will not be wireless, there Will only one wire connecting the headset to your PS5 console. It will be a USB Type-C cable that Can be plugged into one of the ports on the front of your PS5 system, which  is then connected to The PSVR2 headset via another port on the device itself. The PSVR 2 is VR’s biggest hardware.

Sony PS VR2

Price of Sony PS VR2

Device in years, but you need a PlayStation 5 to use it. Sony’s first big accessory for the PlayStation VR 2, is coming on Feb 22,2023,  with preorders already underway. As we approach the launch of PSVR 2, it’s good to know all about its price, and how you can get your hands on one. PSVR 2 will launch on February 22,2023, and will cost $549.99/ $529.99 / AU$879.95.

Sony PS VR2 Full Specifications

  • OLED displays, with 2,000*2,040-pixel resolution per eye, 90Hz and 12Hz frame rates
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Eye tracking and foveated rendering
  • Adjustable lens separation
  • In-headset vibration
  • 3D audio
  • Built-in microphone and audio-out headset jack
  • Four external cameras for tracking
  • Single USB-C connection
  • Sense controllers with USB-C ports, Bluetooth, 5.1,rechargeable batteries, 6DoF tracking, finger tracking using capacities touch buttons and infrared, hap tics and specialized hap tic like the Dual Sense controller.

Sony PS VR2

For many original PSVR owners. Cinematic Mode offered a novel alternative way to enjoy non-VR content on the worked by placing you in a virtual space, and broadcasting any content on a gigantic screen in front of you.

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