2024 GMC Sierra EV: Details Specifications

When such 2024 GMC Sierra EV emerges to accompany the enormous, extravagant Hummer EV pickup, GMC will soon not just one, but electric powered pickup trucks. The Sierra is intended to be a more practical option, as well as its gasoline stablemate, the Silverado EV, it has many similarities to its Chevrolet-badged sister. Even still, the Denali Edition 1 is the most opulent launch model and will price more than $100,000. It has an all-wheel drive powertrain with two motors that produces 754 horsepower, and it boasts a range of 400 miles. For 2025, more models with less aggressive performance claims, such as the Elevation as well as AT4, will be released. Only an extended cab with such a height of 5 feet 11-inch payload will be available for the Sierra EV.

What has changed for 2024 GMC Sierra EV?

For 2024, the Sierra EV will only be available as the Denali Version 1 variant, and it will be fully new. This indicates that it will be delivered fully loaded, with a ton of accessories and a potent drivetrain featuring two electric motors. Following for the 2025 models’ year are more trim levels.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Car

The Cost and Best Choice

For the Sierra EV’s first model year, only the Denali Version 1 will be offered. This pricey beast has all the luxuries features and functionalities we demand from a contemporary pickup truck. According to GMC, the base trim levels can start at roughly $50,000.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Power, performance and EV motor

Powerful electric drivetrain with front and rearward electric motors will be standard equipment on the Sierra EV Denali Version 1. With a combined 754 horsepower as well as 785 pound-feet of power, this allows all-wheel drive and, according to GMC, will propel this massive vehicle to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The Hummer EV’s “crab walk” feature, which allows the rear wheels to be turned in the same orientation while allowing the front rollers to navigate the truck diagonally, and an air foundation that can raise as well as lower the truck are two other tricks the Sierra will have up its sleeve.The Sierra’s personality may be altered by a number of drive settings, and the vehicle’s regenerative stopping system will have a one-pedal driving mode that employs regen to dramatically decelerate the vehicle when you step off the gas pedal.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Capacity for Towing and Payload

The Sierra EV’s maximum towing capability, according to GMC, is 9500 pounds. Although we don’t yet know whether this maximum capacity will necessitate specific options, we’ll update this article as soon as we learn more about the Sierra’s standard and available features.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Battery Life, Charging and Range

The Sierra EV Denali Series 1 boasts a sizable battery pack with an impressive driving capacity of 400 miles in a single charge (GMC hasn’t specified the precise size of the battery pack’s dimensions). The truck will be able to charge at a maximum of 350 kilowatts thanks to fast-charging capacity, which will be standard.According to GMC, if you can locate a charging station that can perform at this level, you will be able to add approximately 100 miles of driving range in 10 minutes. Less priced Sierra EV models may feature smaller rechargeable batteries and have less range than the fully loaded Denali model.

2024 GMC Sierra EV
2024 GMC Sierra EV

GMC Sierra EV Fuel efficiency and actual MPGe

We haven’t had an opportunity to put the Sierra EV on our 75-mph highway fuel efficiency route, and the EPA hasn’t yet provided fuel economy numbers for the vehicle. When we do, we’ll add test findings to this story and update it. Visit the EPA website for additional details regarding the Sierra EV’s fuel efficiency.

Cargo, Comfort and the Interior of 2024 GMC Sierra EV

Only a crew-cab truck with a bed that is nearly six feet long will be available for the Sierra EV. This implies that it should have a roomy interior and a cozy back seat. In order to accommodate longer objects, GMC will also have a mid-gate feature that stretches the bed through into cabin. Additionally, there is a sizable “frunk” at the front, in the location where a gasoline powerplant would typically be. The Denali version likewise uses high-quality components, in keeping with its price and premium purpose, including open-pore wood and leather.

Connectivity and Information

A 16.8-inch touchscreen with a ton of connectivity options, maybe including smartphone mirroring capabilities for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is the standard infotainment system.Additionally, there has an 11.0-inch electronic gauge cluster. There is also a wireless phone charging pad.

Features for Safety and Driver Assistance

GMC hasn’t yet published information on all of the standard and available features for the Sierra EV, but we do know that now the Denali Series 1 comes standard with the cutting-edge Super carnival cruise hands-free driving technology. In specific driving conditions, such as when you’re on a charted highway road and as long as you maintain your focus on the road, such as when you’re accelerating or braking, this function takes control. It also enables you to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Visit the websites of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for more details regarding the Sierra EV’s crash test results. Important safety elements are probably going to be:

  • Pedestrian identification in automatic emergency braking standards
  • Lane-keeping assistance and the standard lane-departure warning
  • Standard hands-free driving mode for adaptive cruise control.

Coverage for Warranties and Maintenance

Similar to other General Motors products, the Sierra EV has a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper guarantee and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

  • 3 years and otherwise 36,000 miles are covered by the limited warranty.
  • 5 years and otherwise 60,000 miles are covered by the powertrain warranty.
  • Hybrid parts are insured for eight years or one hundred thousand miles.
  • The initial visit is covered by free maintenance.

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