2024 Dodge Durango Interior and Exterior, Release date

The 2024 Dodge Durango might have been discontinued the coming year: It’s interesting that there are several theories and conjectures regarding the 2024 Dodge Durango’s successor. Unfortunately, this SUV’s future is not very bright. The 2024-year model appears to be the final one. After that, the maker will likely switch out this SUV for an all-electric model.

We anticipate that the new full-size SUV will ride on a new body-on-frame structure, sharing components with the Jeep Wagoneer rather of the Grand Cherokee as the Durango has done thus far. As a result, the next Durango may compete more favorably on price with the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Dodge Durango Facelift in 2024

We may state that this SUV’s appearance is one of its distinctive qualities. In general, no other crossover SUV has a more distinctive appearance than the 2024 Dodge Durango. The feature of this SUV is its muscular appearance with striking curves.

However, the appearance of this model can vary somewhat, so we suggest at least the R/T and SRT 392 variants, both of which have an obviously sporty appearance thanks to the menacing hood. A Citadel trim, on the other hand, looks a little more upscale due to the usage of chrome. The Dodge Durango is comparable in size to the Ford Explorer, Mazda CX-9, and Volkswagen Atlas.

Engine: 2022 Dodge Durango SRT 392

The 6.4-liter V-8 in the Durango SRT has much more power than most people require in a three-row SUV. The Durango SRT transmits its force in a fluid linear mode. Under hard throttle, it’s also quick.

The SUV does a decent job of hiding the Durango SRT’s weight and high center of gravity with its crisp, responsive steering and stiff suspension.

A trade-off for performance-focused configurations, passing bumpy sections of road, veering away from padded cushions; the most aggressive track mode hurts the most on all surfaces even the smoothest ones. However, the Durango SRT could at least tow 8,700 pounds.

Interior: 2024 Dodge Durango

It’s still too early to discuss interior design at this time. Again, Dodge hasn’t introduced a new vehicle in over ten years, so all of the lineup’s cabins are obsolete. Therefore, we can forecast aesthetics, but we can also assume that the construction quality will be significantly better. There will also, without a doubt, be a large quantity of contemporary tech features, such as enormous touchscreens, digital instrument clusters, various forms of networking, etc.

We may anticipate a comparable amount of space given that the 2024 Dodge Durango will likely be very close in size to the Wagoneer. It would be typical to have three rows of seats, and all three should easily fit adults.

Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango

The brand-new, full-size 2024 Dodge Durango with three rows will be a highly roomy and cozy SUV. In case you weren’t aware, this model’s inside is composed of excellent-quality materials, and the design might vary slightly based on the selected trim.

For instance, the base SXT and mid-range GT models both come with an 8.4-inch screen as an option, while a 10.1-inch screen is standard on the Citadel and R/T models and optional on the GT. A rear-seat entertainment system and a powerful sound system are both options, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard features.

2024 Dodge Durango Release Date and Price

It’s possible that the next-generation Durango may be available for the 2024 model year as production is anticipated to begin sometime in late 2023.

The starting MSRP for the most recent Dodge Durango with the unibody construction is $35,472. Although we don’t yet have a set pricing range, we anticipate this price to rise. Switching to a body-on-frame could also help cut expenses because it will provide customers with a cheaper F-segment vehicle and possibly decrease the overall budget of the Wagoneers‘ architecture.

The 2023 Dodge Durango may face competition from the Jeep Wagoneer, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Toyota Sequoia.

As new information becomes available, keep checking back.

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