iOS 17 Release Date | iOS 17 Beta Profile Features

Welcome to my new another blog content. I’m sharing new update about iOS 17 release date with you. You know that Apple every year releasing new iOS version. and in this current iOS version is iOS 16.3 and iOS 16 Beta version. Now We will know all kind of information about iOS 17 and iOS 17 beta profile, features and many more.

iOS 17 Release Date

Upcoming iOS 17 will release end of this year like September – October (expected)

Apple always surprises its users with various upgrades and latest versions, whether it is the mobile or operating system. This will be the first time that Apple has delayed an update for any of its devices. The company typically releases an updated version of iOS every fall. The iOS 16 release date was pushed back to September because some older models will not receive the update. However, there are rumors that the iOS 17 release date will be even earlier. But, The iOS 17 release date is set for September 19. Here are some things to look out for. Once the new OS is available, you’ll be able to install the latest beta version on your device.

iOS 16 Related to iOS 17

While iOS 16 is expected to be released today, it’s important to note that the last update arrived on September 20, 2015 – which means that the iPhone 6S isn’t going to receive iOS 17 until September 20. This is an indication that Apple is ending its support for the iPhone 6 series, which means that upcoming updates will be available only for the iPhone 6S and up. This could lead to more new and improved features in the upcoming iOS version.

iOS 17 Release Date
iOS 17 Release Date

iOS 17 Supported Devices

Regular iPhone users must have an idea that iOS 17 and iPodOS 17 beta are going to be introduced next year. But, it would not be supported by some iPhones. Undoubtedly, Apple always does software support for older phones. The devices, supplied with iOS 13 from 2019, also supported iOS 14 and iOS 15. Moreover, iOS 15 world on a six-year-old phone like the iPhone 6s, released with iOS 9 in 2015.

We can expect this at the end of next year. According to the French website iphoneSoft reports, the iPhone 17 older devices may drop from the update scheme for the first time in several years. Not only this, but the apple developer circle reporter says that iOS 17 is going to be released with an A10 processor.

Devices that don’t get the iOS 17 Update

The Apple users with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s plus from 2015, also the iPhone SE released in spring 2016 is included in the list that doesn’t get updated from iOS 17. iPad devices like iPad pro ( first model ), iPad Pro 12.9 from 2015, and iPad Pro 9.7 were released in 2016 altogether along with iPhone SE. iPad air2, iPad mini 4, and the iPad 5th generation would not receive an update from iPadOS17.

Of course, we can’t say anything guaranteed right now. Because the manufacturers will not release iOS 17 until June 2022. But, there are impressive predictions about the iPhone software in recent years. Last year, iOS 17 was available on all devices with iOS 16. We can expect that the support can end after up to seven years.


iOS 17 is available in beta, so the bugs and problems could be expected. Install it at your risk as it is full of problems and risks right now.

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