Chrysler Unveiled the New Halcyon Concept Electric Vehicle

chrysler halcyon

Chrysler Unveiled the New Halcyon Concept Electric Vehicle! Chrysler has given a glimpse of its upcoming Halcyon concept car. Chrysler’s CEO, Christine Fuele, who took over the brand in September 2021, said the company plans to launch a range of electric vehicles in quick succession after launching the EV crossover. Feuell also talked about the brand’s parent companies, which have not invested in Chrysler for a long time.

However, he noted that the brand’s sales have increased over the past few years and profitability has improved significantly. Accordingly, Chrysler will unveil its upcoming concept car very soon. Unlike typical Chrysler vehicles like SUVs or minivans, the Halcyon is an electric sedan with a sleek and sporty design like the Audi E-Tron GT or Porsche Taycan.

While other Stellantis brands are about to launch their first round of electric vehicles, the Halcyon is still just a concept and not a reality. However, it is said to be built on the same platform as the electric Jeep Wagoneer S, which is entering production this fall. This indicates that a production version of Halcyon is possible in the future. We will discuss the new Chrysler Halcyon concept in this article. Let’s move on without delay.

Outside Concept of Chrysler Halcyon Concept EV

First, the Halcyon’s exterior is designed with aerodynamics in mind. It uses smart engineering techniques to reduce wind resistance. which has a narrow slit in the front fascia that goes deep into the hood and to the base of the windshield and directs air up and over the roof.

The taillamp module and rear diffuser can extend outwards to physically lengthen the Halcyon while cruising, further improving aerodynamics. Also, The car canopy has extensive use of glass, allowing a clear view of the road ahead or the sky above. Chrysler boasts that 45% of the car’s exterior panels are made of glass, a design similar to the Lucid Air.

Halcyon doors are side and rear-hinged. The side doors open with flip-up roof panels, making entry and exit easier due to the car’s low roofline. The front doors open together, providing wide-open access to the interior.

chrysler halcyon

2028 Chrysler Halcyon internal

Halcyon boasts of advanced technology that promises to bring a new level of comfort and convenience to drivers. The car could have a curved dashboard display similar to the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. It goes a step further with a transparent glass panel interface. The car’s roof panel will double as an augmented reality display.

chrysler halcyon

The cabin can be transformed into a luxurious lounge when the car is in autonomous driving mode. The front seats can be reclined, and the steering wheel moves away so occupants can enjoy content projected onto the roof. Also when needed, the driver or front seat passenger can access a 15.6-inch rotating infotainment display mounted on the center console.

Chrysler Halcyon Release Date

It’s unlikely that consumers will be able to buy a new Chrysler with such technology or similar concept cars anytime soon. We Expect the Chrysler Halcyon Release Date in 2028. Chrysler will launch the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle in 2025 and will feature an all-electric portfolio in 2028. After the Chrysler 300 sedan was discontinued last year, the brand’s only product is the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, along with a plug-in hybrid electric model.

Chrysler, the American automobile manufacturer, is expected to release its first all-electric car next year. However, Halcyon was originally set to be unveiled at the CES tech trade show in January, but Stellantis canceled those plans as well as other events to save capital.

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