Fiat Abarth 500 Electric 2025: Price & Overview

Abarth 500 Electric 2025: Price & Overview To complete the electrification of its inventory, FIAT announced the inclusion of the Tipo and 500X hybrid cars earlier this year. The Fiat 500 Hybrid 2025 was a logical addition to the lineup and a great decision. The current 500X has more than seven million registrations and is offered in the majority of the world’s important markets. The new 500X Hybrid comes with a unique (RED) edition and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. It may be ordered with an open-air or roof.

Abarth’s first battery-powered vehicle will be an electric performance variant based on the Fiat 500e.

Abarth 500 Electric 2025
Abarth 500 Electric 2025

Abarth 500 Electric 2025 Price

A year after the Fiat Chrysler 300 is scheduled to go on sale, the Fiat 500 Hybrid could debut in the middle of 2025. Fiat has affirmed that it will not increase its model range outside of the lowest sector even though the model lineup is still insufficient. The new hybrid vehicle will utilize a compact STLA base and 70 kW power modules, and it will continue to stand between 3.6 and 4.5 meters tall.

The new model will use a platform distinct from the one used by the original 500. In comparison to its predecessor, the car is now six centimeters longer, six centimeters broader, and has a 20mm longer wheelbase. The existing Panda and 500 series will be replaced by the new Fiat 500 Hybrid, with only the older model’s petrol engines being offered. The 2023 Fiat 500 Hybrid could cost roughly $19,000.

Abarth 500 Electric 2025 Release Date

In 2025, the Fiat 500 Hybrid should go on sale. Although the Italian automaker hasn’t yet confirmed a delivery date, there are numerous signs regarding it. There is a planned new Fiat Panda concept with the codename CC4. The fourth Panda from Fiat would be the new design, which is predicted to be electric. The Panda is being developed by Fiat as an all-electric vehicle, using the same architecture as the 500 Electric.

Abarth 500 Electric 2025
Abarth 500 Electric 2025

Interior & Exterior

A new hybrid Fiat vehicle will soon be available. Building of the new 500X Hybrid and Tipo Hybrid will take place in Tofas, Turkey, and Melfi, Italy, respectively. Later this month, these cars will be available for ordering. In April, Fiat will also begin shipping the 500X Hybrid. Fiat will introduce a new hybrid vehicle every year starting with the 2025 model year and will have a fully electric range by 2027.

Although the Fiat 500 Hybrid 2025’s inside and exterior are still hidden from view, spy photos indicate that it will sport an all-electric drivetrain. It will have a hybrid engine because it is a plug-in hybrid, and both the interior and exterior will be identical to the existing model. The idea is comparable to the existing design, which has curved lines and big windows.


Now offering 48-volt mild hybrid technology are the Fiat 500X Hybrid 2025 and Fiat Tipo Hybrid. Both fuel use and pollutants are reduced by this new technology. The Fiat Renegade and the Compass entered the market with mild hybrid technology last month. A 48-volt BSG electric motor is paired with a 1.5-liter turbocharged FireFly engine in both vehicles. The front axle receives power from the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

In addition to having a new body, chassis, and interior, the Fiat 500e is also capable of “Level 2” self-driving. The Nissan Leaf, Mini Electric, and GWM Ora are just a few vehicles that the new Fiat 500e will face off against. As long as it is profitable, it will also keep selling the fuel 500. However, a brand-new Fiat 500e can cost no more than $29,000 in the US.

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