2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV Ferrari Dynamic Suspension Technology

Hi, Welcome to my new another blog. The Ferrari doesn’t refer to it as an SUV. In fact, 2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV tries hard not to be called an SUV. The Ferrari Purosangue is officially a “four-door, four-seater,” powered by a front-middle-mounted 6.5-liter V-12 generating 715 hp with 528 lb-ft and capable of 0-62 mph within 3.2 second and a top speed of more than 193 mph. The Purosangue has an 8-speed dual clutch transaxle for a 49:51 distribution of weight and utilizes the GTC4Lusso’s peculiar 4RM-S four-wheel drive system. All of these things are excellent. And that’s before we get to the updated active suspension system, the four-wheel steering, and the most recent version of Ferrari’s enigmatic Side Slip Control. The Purosangue is unmistakably an SUV. But we’ve never seen anything like that before.

2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV

2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV also comes with suicide rear doors. That has to be worth something. Ferrari has used every weapon in its armory against the Purosangue. That beautiful V-12 is probably a sop to enraged traditionalists, but it’s paired with innovations drawn from pure sports cars such as the 296 GTB or 812 Competizione. In fact, the Purosangue goes even further in some cases. The sophisticated Multimatic True Activated Spool Valve (TASV) damper are a fundamental technology that is critical to providing the Purosangue with the agility, stability, and control that Ferrari is known for.

2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV
2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV

Ferrari Dynamic Suspension Technology

Using such dampers, the Ferrari dynamic suspension technology system combines intense 48-volt electric motor actuation with accurate spool valve technology. Each damper includes its own electric motor that can change the piston speed inside the damper and fine-tune roll stiffness at various stages of a corner. Because the mechanism is so powerful, the Purosangue lacks anti-roll bars. The ability to alter body control and decoupling driving comfort from lateral strength sounds intriguing and promising. These dampers are likely to be employed in upcoming sports car models as well. The information from the suspension system’s accelerometers and position sensors is combined with Side Slip Control 8.0 and the latest ABS-evo system by Ferrari’s own control software.

The Manettino lacks an off-road setting

That kind of SUV is not the Purosangu alternating between Ice, Comfort, Wet, and ESC Off modes is an option for the drive. As per usual, this will change the characteristics of every component of the automobile, including the parameters of the e-differential locking as well as the engine response, gearbox logic, body stiffness, and stability and traction control thresholds. The four-wheel drive system’s characteristics will also change as a result of 2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV. This is a modification of the 4RM-S system, which was seen on the GTC4 Lusso, as was previously mentioned. Axles in the front and back are not physically connected. The front of the engine houses a two-speed gearbox, often known as a PTU (Power Transfer Unit), which receives power straight from the crank.

The Purosangue won’t have four-wheel drive above fifth gear

So perhaps refrain from speeding over the desert floor in a Bronco Raptor. However, having a front axle with torque-vectoring capabilities should give you a significant advantage up in the canyons.The Purosangue’s size mainly conforms to SUV expectations, despite the front-mid engine location and the new aluminum spaceframe chassis’ more beautiful proportions. It is six inches shorter, approximately identical in width and wheelbase, and has a slightly lower roofline than a UrusPerformante. Speaking of a Purosangue’s trunk space in terms of a Ferrari may seem unusual, but 2024 2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV is acceptable rather than exceptional.

Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV
Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV

For comparison, the Lamborghini boasts 21.75 cubic feet of space as opposed to the Ferrari’s 16.7 cubic feet, despite its already compromised SUV design. Skiing vacations may still be a difficulty despite the new Range Rover’s capacity being more than double that of the previous model.

The Body of 2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV

The intrusions bars and B-pillars are constructed of high-strength steel, while the body itself is composed of a combination of aluminum while carbon fiber, including the roof. Ferrari states the Purosangue weighs 4482 pounds, although that figure is based on a dry weight and implies the owner has selected every lightweight option available. The suspension system is all the more astounding and intriguing given the size and bulk of the Purosangue. The 812 Competizione’s most recent independent four-wheel steering technology has also been used by Ferrari and in the 2024 Ferrari Purosangue V12 SUV. Yes, that does imply that each back wheel can be steered and operated independently.

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