2023 BMW 3.0 CSL: Release date, Price and Features

BMW M wants something big to celebrate its 50th anniversary. 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL. I can’t go for lunch after buying about 50 jehras. No, it needs something to wow its die-hard fans. What better way than to bring back a revered icon of the past? And now we have the BMW 3.0 CSL.

What this new BMW 3.0 CSL has in common with the 1970 classic is its name. The original 3.0 CSL was a successful racing car that debuted in German touring car racing. When it first appeared on the road, it resembled a true race vehicle in many ways. but it was also stylish, comfortable, and amazing-looking.

2023 BMW 3.0 CSL
2023 BMW 3.0 CSL

When Will The 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Be Released?

Released in November 2022, the BMW 3.0 CSL has no confirmed release date. CSL 3.0 is difficult to discover, with just 50 samples in the pipeline. Deliveries are slated to begin in mid-2023, but unfortunately, the 3.0 CSL doesn’t have a US equivalent, so this classic BMW will be reserved for international fans.

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BMW 3.0 CSL 2023 Price And Competition

The price of the BMW 3.0 CSL 2023 puts it in a rarefied territory for automotive exoticism. At $780,000, it is five times the price of the M4 CSL. But that’s what you’re paying for a limited run of 50 cars that went through eight assembly cycles and the same number of production stations.

BMW says the process takes 10 days per car. Another factor is the complexity of hand-machining carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components. It is one of the few BMWs that appreciates it.

As mentioned, reducing the competition in this niche is difficult. Based on price alone, many exotics are available for less than the 3.0 CSL, including the V12-powered Lamborghini Aventador Ultime for around $500,000.

However, it is still not as unique as the BMW. Another car that is much more powerful than BMW is the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series. As mentioned before, BMW has no direct competition.

2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Full
2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Full

Exterior And Color Of The New BMW 3.0 CSL

Based on some of BMW’s recent models, there is every reason to fear the arrival of the 3.0 CSL. But cues are always good for this car, and using the CSL Homage concept as inspiration and the use of the M tricolors added to the striking effect.

Overall, the BMW 3.0 CSL’s exterior changes are extensive enough not to be confused with the regular M4.

However, the headlights are the same as the M4, with the so-called CSL-like yellow light elements. These side rails are long and heavy but are more compact than the M4 and won’t get in the way when you put your number plate under them. A large aero kit includes a front spoiler, a front wing spoiler, and a roof spoiler.

It’s impossible to ignore the firm wheel arches, a visual indication of the wide track width that contributes to the CSL’s handling excellence. These arched rounds forged alloy wheels with a Y-spoke design measure 20 inches in front and 21 inches in the rear.

In memory of the 70s style, the gold Centre lock wheels are fitted with Michelin tires developed exclusively for the 3.0 CSL. The side walls are decorated with the number 50 to commemorate the 50th anniversary.

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